Update on the Second Passive House!

So how will this home be heated and cooled? A super-efficient heat pump system will cool and heat the home. The size of this system is smaller than what is used in a standard home of this size.

Because this home is so airtight, a system known as an energy recovery ventilator to bring in fresh air, has been installed. This type of system is very cool, because it brings fresh air in and takes stale are out, but it uses a heat exchanger to capture any heating and cooling energy from that air as it passes through a heat exchanger, such that only a small portion of the heating and cooling is lost during the air exchange. This allows the home’s occupants to have a steady stream of fresh air coming from a controlled location without a big energy loss, as opposed to a home having lots of holes in unknown locations bringing in and sucking out air as the pressures in the house change.


By: Helen Reinecke-Wilt