Network Operations Center

This new Network Operations Center (NOC) opened in mid-2011, and as a data center is an inherently energy intensive facility. The previous NOC was part of the old Department of Human Services Headquarters. Combined, the new DHS headquarters at Sequoia and this NOC are more efficient than the previous building that housed both together.

Energy Use by Month (2007-2013)

Energy Snapshot

  • Building Use: Data Center
  • Current Size: 3,600 ft²
  • Year Built: 2011

Annual Energy Use Intensity

Site energy intensity is the amount of energy (electricity and natural gas) consumed per square foot of gross building area.

20111 2012 2013
Annual Electric Usage (kWh) 740,960 848,960 1,004,800
Annual Natural Gas Usage (therms)
Site Energy Intensity (BTU/ft²) 702,265 804,625 952,327
Source Energy Intensity (BTU/ft²) 2,345,567 2,687,449 3,180,773
Carbon Footprint (metric tons CO2 equivalent) 403 462 547
  1. Partial year

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