Trade Center Garage

Trade Center Garage

This structure, completed in 2007, is used for County vehicles and employee parking. A lighting retrofit may be completed in the future to cut energy use. No energy intensity information is provided for this space because it is not a meaningful comparison to other facilities since the space does not require heating, cooling or ventilation.

Energy Use by Month (2007-2013)

Energy Snapshot

  • Address: 2881 S Taylor St
  • Building Use: Parking Garage
  • Current Size: 0 ft²
  • Year Built: 2007

Annual Energy Use Intensity

Site energy intensity is the amount of energy (electricity and natural gas) consumed per square foot of gross building area.

2007 2008 2009 2010 2011 2012 2013
Annual Electric Usage (kWh) 30,580 98,300 109,580 94,500 119,060 158,000 161,460
Annual Natural Gas Usage (therms)
Site Energy Intensity (BTU/ft²)
Source Energy Intensity (BTU/ft²)
Carbon Footprint (metric tons CO2 equivalent) 17 53 60 51 65 86 88


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