Daylight $avings Time Approaches

It’s no secret that fall is kicking in. Average temperatures are dropping, the sun is setting earlier and earlier and soon Daylight Savings Time will be upon us.

Here’s your first reminder: Set clocks back by 1 hour when Nov. 5 rolls around.

As daylight dwindles, we use lights more in our homes. Switching to energy efficient lighting is all the more important to save money and leave a lighter footprint on the environment.

The AIRE program is taking the guess work out of light bulb shopping by offering an LED Bulb Sampler box.  The Bulb Sampler allows Arlingtonians to sample ten different bulbs at home without having to buy a variety of bulbs they may not like.  The Sampler includes standard bulbs of different brightness levels and color, recessed fixture bulbs, chandelier bulbs, a bathroom vanity bulb, a 3-way bulb and an LED nightlight.

Stop by Arlington Public Library today to ask about the samplers or reserve a box online.

Start saving as the days get shorter. Learn more about LED bulb shopping and the bulbs in the Sampler box .